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Dr. Blaylock in his Wellness Report had this to say – Soy Makes Breast Cancer Aggressive.

I see women all the time buying soy milk at the grocery store. Soy products, particularly soy milk, have been heavily promoted in China, Japan, and the United States as a way to prevent breast cancer among women. Even health-conscious women were fooled by this bit of chicanery.

In my book, “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients,” I explain that soy has actually been shown to increase the expression of an enzyme in the breasts. This enzyme is strongly associated with breast cancer growth, tumor aggressiveness, and metastasis.

In fact, in the world of oncology – which is the study and treatment of cancer – there is a search for drugs to suppress this enzyme. So it would make sense that soy makes breast cancer more aggressive.

This is exactly what it has been found to do. In a 2007 study, researchers found that soy milk increased the number and size of breast tumors when given to animals – yet no one is warning women to avoid it.

Another study out of Japan found that both whole milk and fat-free milk increased the size and number of breast cancer tumors. Most oncologists had assumed that any harmful effects were due to the fat content of whole milk. But this study shows that the fat had nothing to do with it.

In my book, I explain that it is not fat but rather the calcium that is the tumor stimulator – an effect that is well known.

In addition, cows given bovine growth hormone produce milk with high levels of another tumor stimulant: insulin-like growth factor.

Despite what the promoters of bovine growth hormone have said, the tumor growth stimulator is absorbed by the stomach.

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